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A unique Transcarpathian hotel between two ski resorts: what can be better for a winter weekend?

We propose you maximal accessibility to the best ski resorts, an atmospheric celebration of New Year and Christmas holidays, authentic seasonal menu and real winter magic! There is a place on the map where you can find all these things together – a family hotel-restaurant ‘LiAn’ in Volosyanka, Transcarpathia.

The thing that we are proposing you is one of our unique advantages over all other hotels and holiday bases. ‘Lian’ is located between two ski resorts on the territory of the amazing giant reserve! Here are some more details:

Paradise for skiers

Our hotel is comfortably located between two ski resorts which are just at hand. Both beginners and professionals will find some adventure here:

1.    It only takes 25 minutes to get to the most popular Transcarpathian resort ‘Krasiya’. Modern chairlifts will lift you to the picturesque mountain Krasiya exceeding 1,000 m in height and then the longest track in Ukraine will wait for you – over 3.5 kilometers of happiness.

2.    Only 15 minutes and you are on the tracks with the length of over 5 kilometers. You will find the best three-kilometer biathlon track in Ukraine among them! Here you can visit Ukrainian and European championships of cross-country skiing and biathlon.

3.    One-kilometer chiplift is located just near our hotel.       

Don’t you have ski? A wide range of ski is at your service. Do not you have a clue how to ski? We have a school with experienced instructors. One winter weekend is quite enough to master a technique of skiing and open a new hobby!

Atmospheric New Year and Christmas holidays!

Even tourists-beginners know that real Christmas fairytale can take place only among greatness of Carpathian Mountains. We take care and cherish the atmosphere of great winter holidays with a special keenness. Unique local traditions that are known even today and fairy winter views will make the meeting of New Year and Christmas unforgettable. During this winter season you will find the following:

• The celebration of New Year in the Carpathian atmosphere with our own entertainment program.

• Secrets and beliefs of Christmas Eve with traditional local Lenten dishes.

• A joyful celebration of Christmas with a legendary Carpathian koliada! You will become a victim of a real live theater that will present you unbelievable festive emotions.

• Festive swimming in a river – we cannot imagine a better celebration of Epiphany than in our waters. Are you brave enough? So join us!

Authentic seasonal dishes

Our visitors adore traditional local cuisine any time of the year, but our winter seasonal menu is something special. We start preparing a lot of components in autumn – fragrant mushrooms, walnuts and nuts, fermented cabbage and many others. They are a delicious base of twelve Lenten dishes for Christmas evening. The next day our visitors will try favorite nourishing local dishes which will warm them during cold evenings, give cheerfulness and unbelievable taste.

All the dishes we cook with natural products using recipes of authentic local and traditional Transcarpathian kitchen – you will not try them anywhere else. Our unique drinks and a splash of taste will guarantee you a festive mood.

Real winter fairytale

Winter in ‘LiAn’ is not only about ski, extreme and holiday fuss but also a lot of emotions given by a winter atmosphere. Picturesque winter views on the background of dizzying mountain ranges and tops, crystal-clear air, delicious food, and real family comfort. This is a guarantee of unreal emotional mood, inspiration and recuperation. A nice walk along with a whole company in the sleighs harnessed by horses, tasting of local wines and cheese, a glass of delicious mulled wine – your winter in ‘LiAn’ will be unforgettable! YOU ARE WELCOME!

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