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Our family restaurant Lian is small and therefore comfortable. You will find the atmosphere of the true home peace and will have an opportunity to try delicious local dishes. The owner of the establishment, who is the chef himself, is a true master of his craft. He knows a traditional taste of Transcarpathian dishes, cooks the original local food and is a professional of perfect flavours of Transcarpathian cuisine. Would you like to make sure? Than order mushroom soup, bograch soup, piknytsia, shovdar and lotsi. They are our guests’ favourite dishes. Every time they come back to us, they order them again and again. Also, we have a lot of quaint dishes which you won’t find anywhere else. Unique drinks (both non-alcoholic and alcoholic) of our production emphasize the taste of our kitchen. You can not only try them but also buy as souvenirs for your friends and family. Our family created LiAn itself. And for several years we have been very carefully cultivating the most important thing – a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and we care about each of our visitors!

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