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Apitherapy – It is a sleep on a beehive!

The benches are made in such a way that no bee stings the visitor. The bees’ noise and a pleasant scent from the beehives have unique therapeutic properties and are very useful! It has long been noted that bees have a good influence on humans. The smell of pollen and bee-glue, uniform bee’s buzzing calm and restore the nervous system, normalize blood pressure and cause a healthy sleep! After 2 hours of spending time in a hut hives, a person immediately enters the state of lightness and freshness, which in its turn contributes to the restoration of the whole body!

Price 180 uah. per one person, from 1 to 2 hours.


We also offer a traditional Finnish sauna. Its well-known therapeutic effect on all systems of the human body will be enjoyable and useful after the end of an active day.


Sauna for the first hour –  220 UAH.

Sauna for the second hour –  180 UAH.

Every next hour – 150 UAH.

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